Fracking Misinformation

To the Editor,

A roadshow of propaganda and misinformation came to Carbon County last weekend, courtesy of the Carbon County Republican Central Committee. You might have seen the flyer for the event. It looked like something promoting a snake oil salesman, which is appropriate. If you wanted to hear lies about fracking, you got to have dinner and a movie, for $50. But we can't let ourselves be seduced by the lies of big oil. Fracking is an environmental disaster. Fracking is destroying aquifers across the country, and those lost aquifers won’t be recovered for generations. Each fracked well uses millions of gallons of water, and produces millions of gallons of waste water. That’s not just once, but on an ongoing basis. And producing wells introduce carcinogens not just into groundwater, but into the air as well.

Can you imagine gas flares anywhere near Red Lodge? Talk about destroying our air, views and tourism! Fracking is also associated with earthquakes. In the unstable geology that exists in the Red Lodge area who knows what could happen. Fracking in the Red Lodge region would threaten thousands of wells. The list goes on. Get online and get educated. If you’re on Facebook you can search for “No Fracking the Beartooth Front.” A local citizens group, the Carbon County Resource Council, which you can join online, is a great way to help prevent the devastating consequences of oil and gas development in the Red Lodge region.   It’s ironically funny, in a way, that the Republican Central Committee flyer said, "Don’t Buy the Lie.” That’s exactly what you did if you took in their dinner (bet they didn't serve fracked water) and a movie. Is this alarmist? You bet.

You should be alarmed. Educate yourself and help stop the threat of oil and gas development in the Red Lodge region. The quality of our air, water, wildlife, views and tourism depend on it – for generations to come.


David Lehnherr

Red Lodge