Frack Now, Worry Later !

To the Editor,

Remember when the light at the end of the Highwood Tunnel showed a 24 Karat Golden Calf?

Remember the interests and people pushing Highwood? Remember political and social homilies trumping math? The hiding of Highwood’s true costs and risks? Remember the contempt, empty disavowals, dismissals and smear for critics? Remember what Arleen Boyd got?

Where are the cheerl eade r s and out s ide experts now, with Highwood’s $186 million bill (for zero electricity) due? Some are removed, some “retired”, some fired, but John Prinkki is back wi th a new Go lde n Calf: Bakkenizing the Beartooths.

Come to the Red Lodge Elks on Friday, Jan 30: See the Industry experts mouth soothing solidarity with rural interests, over-riding concern for jobs (besides theirs), and pledge undying support for “energy independence” and “rural values”. Rural values without rural landscape, rural quiet, or crop or stock water for ag production?

Carbon and Stillwater cowboys and cowgirls better clip John’s doggie and brand-check it in full daylight. “AEC” is on its right ribs. The rest of the critter is covered by methane, sulfured air, brine, crack cocaine, crime, hydrogen sulphide flaring, lethal stock water, meth, human sewage, busted roads, higher taxes, tar, rig trash, 24/7 semi traffic and casing-drive jackhammers ringing, and a moonscape of 6+ well sites per section. Just like the real Bakken: go have a look. Water your pony at Pavillion, Wyo., on the way: better make it a Perrier. (Youtube: WARNING Fracking, An Inconvenient Truth)

“Frack Now, Worry Later!” is a great slogan when you’re elsewhere “Later!”. Hey: it’ll look fine from 30,000 feet en route to Monaco.

Retired electric generation experts aren’t singing yet, but their fracking chorus bonuses surely await. Bottom Line: who gets the quick cash and who gets the permanent consequences?

Charlie Donnes Red Lodge