False Scare Tactics

To the Editor,

After a long absence from Montana (where I had been editor and publisher of the Carbon County News), I was delighted on my recent return to rediscover the friendliness of this Big Sky state.

Except in current politics.

The campaign by Greg Gianforte -- consisting of cheap shots against Rob Quist’s motives or character -- has no business in Montana, where the focus should be on policies or positions.

Quist’s policies and positions are listed on his website, and they are consistent with progressive Democrat platforms. But Gianforte’s television campaign is devoted almost entirely to character assassination, and it is guilty of deliberate falsehoods or colossal ignorance, or both.

Gianforte says only he will protect the Second Amendment, which he suggests is in grave danger. It is not. Amendments to the Constitution require two-thirds approval by the Senate, two-thirds approval by the House of Representatives, and ratification by two-thirds of the 50 states. Since 1789, only the Bill of Rights and 17 other amendments have been adopted, and all but one (Prohibition of alcohol) have been to EXPAND rights and freedom, not abolish them. (And prohibition was later repealed.)

Gianforte also claims Quist will confiscate your guns. Nuts. The Constitution says he can’t.

These false scare tactics are typical of dictators, who think they can fool all the people. And leave it to a millionaire to attack a self-employed person for financial hardships.


David Henderson