Explosives theft investigation proceeding

The recent theft of 559 lb of high explosives from a USFS bunker south of Red Lodge has been on everyone’s mind lately in local and federal government in the Red Lodge area.
ATF Public Information Officer for this region, Brad Beyersdorf, based in the Denver Field Office, wanted to reassure local communities. “We are actively working this investigation, I can assure you. I cannot go into the investigation but we continue to follow up on leads.” When discussing the school precautions taken in Red Lodge, Beyersdorf said he was aware of the concern of parents and administrators. He wanted the public to know, “It is one of our top priorities.”
CCN asked Senator Baucus his reaction to the theft and anything he could inform locals about what was being done. He said, “I am carefully watching the situation and encouraging federal authorities to prioritize the case.”
Senator Priest commented, “I'm confident it's a high law enforcement priority and that they are doing everything to ensure the safe return of those explosives.”