Elk's Lodge pays tribute to Flag Day

Kim Gillian talks about the importance of Flag Day.

The Elk’s Lodge in Red Lodge saluted the US flag in the club’s special way by holding a brief ceremony at the Lodge on June 14. Kim Gillan, former Montana State Senator spoke at the event, stressing the “important tradition.” “It is not just that we in the United State have an attractive flag, but our flag is one of the few that has changed over time.

We feel this commitment to liberty and justice and the continuation to our commitment that would change the original flag from 13 stars to 50 stars and also recognize those 13 stripes, the first states that stood up and wanted independent,” she said. “Our younger generation is always looking forward to the future and I share this because a fellow teacher once said to me, ‘you can’t plan you future until you realize where you’ve come from.’ I think that is an important lesson today because as we stand here in 2013 we can never forget how we got to this point and that our forefathers stood up, and were very courageous because they knew they wanted freedom, justice and fair treatment for everyone.”

“Isn’t it great as we open up a newspaper and read about the instability across the world, that we in the United States can say we’ve been here for over 200 years. We have stability we should be proud of. When we look at the flag we know how important that is, I can almost guarantee the flag will be flying for many years,” she said. Neil Garrett, Americanism Chairman, followed by taking the audience through a short history of the American flag. There have been 27 official U.S. flags. A cake in the shape of the US flag was made by City bakery.