Electric colors beat back winter blues

Photos by Kristan Apodaca

A bee enjoys some nectar on a

Denver Daisy at Garden Party.

Aside being an indifferent summer with raindrops splashing across our skies it’s been a lot better than the Snow White purgatory of the last nine months. The charming, rich hues of warmer climes have given the eyes a huge rest from squinting out at another layer of white icing lying across the yard.

So it should come as no surprise that both the Garden Party and the Rocky Mountain Flower Farm, Red Lodge, have noticed a marked trend by shoppers towards color this year, in fact a massive trend towards the brightest and boldest colors on the planet.

Vivian and Craig Beam, of Garden Party, told of how the summer started with people looking for reds, blues, and purples.

“Something with lots of splash,” said Vivian.

“It’s now leveling off where people are appreciating pastels more,” she said.

Many peoples he explained don’t feel they have an eye for pastels until they’ve had some color.

The Garden Party, has a multitude of annuals to feast your eyes upon.

In fact you find yourself reconnecting with colors gone missing from your brain since God knows when…ah, last September!

The names read like fauna from some wizardly off World colony; Breathless Euphorbia, Aromatica Nemesia; Dreams Petunias. The colors and types carry on and on, nestling in with 18 inch hanging baskets dripping with radiant embers and lively cedar tubs of all shapes and sizes.

The other bright news is the construction presently occurring in Red Lodge hasn’t hindered the Garden Party’s business.

“It’s helping us,” said Vivian. “It has been good for us. People, who don’t normally come by here, now do. People have told us they didn’t know we where here (behind Town Pump).”

The Rocky Mountain Flower Farm run by Sarah Ewald has also seen a marked desire for scintillating and graphic flowers.

“Everyone wants big, bold, big bright colors. Yellows, purples, oranges, blues,” said Ewald.

She acknowledges that this “business is totally dependent on the weather, but when the sun is out, happy, shining and warm, people want to buy.”

“They want nothing white, grey or brown,” she said.A mid the Rocky Mountain Flower Farm is an equal abundance of kaleidoscopic, rich and jazzy selections of flowers, trees, and vegetables.

Like Alice in her Wonderland you can wander from the brilliant of Lupinas, Veronicas, and Peonias, to assorted roses, and trees of maple, ash, lilac, aspen, honeysuckle, fruit trees and Dwarf Arctic Willows.


“We try to cheer.  We sell cheer,” said Ewald.

All photos taken by Kristan Apodaca. For more photos please click on the link.