Eclipse reactions run the gamut

Photo by Randy Dragon

This spectacular photograph of the totality of the eclipse was taken in Thermopolis.

It was the “event of a lifetime” for some according to predictions, since it would not return to the area until 2024. It was the first solar eclipse in 100 years to travel coast to coast across the United States. Red Lodge saw partial coverage but some places experienced “totality.”
Butch Clapper said, “It was an eery feeling.”

The younger people seemed pretty enthusiastic. “So cool!” said Eve Hickcox. “The only one I’ll ever see! I thought it was great!” Her mother agreed. “Ditto! A very unique experience!”

David Kallenbach, like many locals, went to Thermopolis, Wyoming where the eclipse was total. A large crowd gathered from around the country. Kallenbach said, “It broke barriers! All I could do was giggle and laugh like a little kid. It was fun! It got so dark you could see Jupiter like a star. To see a full eclipse without glasses (once it’s fully covered) was kind of cool!” He saw the corona.

Back in Red Lodge Dodie Clapper said, “I was expecting more. I keep going back to 1979. They had an eclipse in Billings. It became totally dark and the street lights came on!”

Her daughter, Piper said, “It was not what I expected but it was cool.”
Her son Kyr said, “My first one! It was cool! I did think at ’97 percent’ it’d be darker.”

Shanna Eckart said, “It did get quieter. The grasshoppers (crickets) stopped at Palisades campground.”