To the Editor,

I read Mr. John Grewell’s letter to the Editor of Feb. 27 with some dismay. Here is some additional information he either didn’t have or chose not to include. I do not recall the City of Red Lodge asking nor expecting the County to provide “tax dollars” for paving Airport Road. Rather it was a discussion about sharing equipment and labor with the City to help expedite the project much like the City did recently when we had equipment the County needed and so provided that and manpower to operate it. As I look at my Property Tax Bill several hundred dollars go to the County for a variety of items: Bridge Fund; Fair Fund; Noxious Weed Fund, to name a few. Therefore, I believe the County benefits from my tax dollars as a Red Lodge City resident. The County Weed District does some spraying on City owned land. I’m not complaining, just listing some facts. I’m uncertain why Mr. Grewell was presenting a Civic lesson. All of us in local government know how a Majority vote works. Perhaps it was a defensive measure. There is no rule stating we cannot talk issues and seek resolutions to our mutual benefit.

The County uses White Avenue/Airport Road on a regular basis to move their heavy equipment to various locations as they accomplish their tasks. This contributes significantly to the surface breakdown of the road. This should not degenerate into a “them and us” conflict but a sharing where everyone can come out ahead. I’m sure the many County residents who daily use White Avenue/Airport Road would appreciate a smoother, safer drive. After all, aren’t we all in this together?


Glory Mahan

Ward 3 Councilman Red Lodge