Destroying beauty


To the Editor,
I am strongly against the proposal by Roger Kirk of Hydrodynamics to build a hydroelectric plant in the Beartooth’s East Rosebud valley. This venture would destroy the natural beauty of the area, which has so far remained unscathed by commercial enterprise. East Rosebud Creek is a natural waterway which is currently enjoyed by a multitude of people who seek unblemished scenic backcountry. 
The stream has insufficient volume to support hydroelectric power during all but perhaps two months of the year. The required pipeline would virtually empty the river and destroy fish habitat and reproductive patterns. The infrastructure of such a venture would require blasting and major geologic disruption if the pipeline were buried and an unsightly blemish on the land if the pipeline were left above ground. The turbine’s humming would create noise pollution. Commercial maintenance trucks would put traffic on already compromised roadways, and transmission lines would cross private property. It seems like a poor trade--for a seasonal trickle of electric power, a recreational paradise would be compromised. 
The West Rosebud, the Boulder and the Stillwater valleys all host either mines or dams. Let’s leave the East Rosebud in its natural state for future generations to enjoy.
Luann Meek
Flagstaff, Ariz.