Dangerous game to play

To the Editor,


The current Red Lodge City Council’s debate over the passing of a “non-discrimination” ordinance, now downgraded to a resolution, is a sign that the dangerous game of identity politics is within the boundaries of our welcoming little town.  

In my view, identity politics is a toxic ideology.  It is narcissistic in its obsession with biological markers and in its absorption with the “self.”  It is also an exercise in mindless reductionism, limiting its chosen groups to the category of victims who must prove the greatest source of contemporary oppression in order to claim the greatest authority.

 It is deterministic and fixed, placing its acolytes in a box of unforgiving precepts that divide and force collisions in a never-ending competition over historical guilt.  Identity politics privileges subjectivity and emotions over logic and rationality; it marginalizes society and fosters communal strife.  

 Narrow and ill-considered political acts have profound human consequences.  

Our City Council should stay within the parameters of its governing responsibilities and avoid the temptation of overreaching its authority in the legislation of morality.  

Those duties should be left to the collective discretion and wisdom of the capable citizens of Red Lodge.


Mariela Hastings

Red Lodge