A Creek runs through it; students practice flyfishing

Photo by Eleanor Guerrero Students from Mrs. Woodden's class, practice fly fishing at Doug Brown Field.

Students from Mrs. Woodden and Mr. Sager’s third grade classes from Red Lodge Mountain View Elementary were treated to lessons in fly fishing from gentlemen from Magic City Fly Fishers from Billings last week.  
Children were lined up practicing casting in the field behind the Civic Center.  They looked like they were having a great time.  Pastor Greg Peyton from Rock Church in Laurel led the group working with the children.  
Dr. David Roberts from Red Lodge said, “I’m a member of the fly fishers.  We love fishing.  We enjoy helping these kids.”  
He laughed as he watched the students from Mrs. Woodden’s class casting out lines without hooks.  “These lines are all tied in knots!”
Pastor Peyton put a hula-hoop in front of the line of children.  He instructed them to aim for its center.  Whoops of glee could be heard as the children cast out yelling, “I did it!”  It was clearly a confidence building session if not immediately building skill.
The adults imagined the scene if they had given the children hooks.  It was agreed it takes practice, practice, practice for adults as well as children.
“It would cost a lot to get this training, normally,” said Roberts.  The children were alternating; one class was outside practicing casting while the other was inside the Civic Center learning how to tie flies-an art as well as a craft.  Perhaps they were imagining that someday, they could take their efforts to nearby Rock Creek which flows alongside Red Lodge, a prime fishing area.   
Roberts acknowledged, “It does take some skill.”  He recalled hearing a knock on his door one day.  “When I went to answer it-there was a fellow fly fisherman standing there with a hook in his ear!  It happens,” he said with a smile.