County man loses home to fire

A home in the Whitehorse Bench Fire District was destroyed last weekend after a controlled burn got out of hand early Saturday afternoon. The owner of the home, according to Melvin Hofferer, Joliet Fire Chief, was “burning weeds and grass near his house when the fire jumped to some juniper bushes by the porch.” From there the fire went into the attic. “The home had a cathedral ceiling and was difficult to control as it burned along the bottom of the roof. The house is a total loss,’ said Hofferer. No one was hurt in the incident but Hofferer confirmed the owner did not get permission to burn and was in a restricted burn area. Laurel Fire Department was also involved and had called Joliet to assist as the two departments share the Whitehorse Bench Fire District, which lies to the extreme north of the county and usually receives its protection from Laurel. Joliet sent two structure engines and one tender. Eight Joliet firemen were on scene.