Common Sense Please

To the Editor,

Common sense is far from Common these days it seems. I’d like to discuss the up coming discussions on going in our town council on discrimination. I could make religious and political reasons for outlawing this crazy idea but want to bypass these issues, though I could make them.

Common sense is where I want to challenge our local leaders. Whatever became of common sense? Let’s think about this. Who in their right mind wants our daughters to be confronted in our high school shower rooms naked with a boy with his anatomy showering with them? Think of how this could mess them up and the lawsuits that could ensue with the costs to the city. Worse think of the hor- mone raging kid who is straight who could claim he “thinks he is a girl” in order to see them in the buff. Think of the kid considering raping a teen girl. We should be con- cerned for the safety of our girls as well as female adults confronting a pervert in our bathrooms with like ideas.

I am concerned for our boys and men. It is for their good names too to be considered when some nutty female decides to bring false claims against them for reasons their warped minds like attacks and or rape.

I believe what one council woman has told about her upcoming vote after she received 100’s of phone calls against this insane idea as well as having been confronted by many folks on the streets feeling the same way. I know of no female that wants the opposite sex in their rest rooms. This isn’t discriminatory, it is common sense.

It is my suggestion that everyone sign a petition that will be circulating to stop this mad idea and put it on the 2018 state ballot to put a stop to this perverted plan to endanger us all with Red Lodge Council’s outrageous sug- gestion and return us to our century old separation of sex- es in dangerous situations.

Common sense to protect us all.

Gail Beauchamps

Red Lodge