Cleanup Call up


To the Editor,
Hello Leaders of Community Groups. (BRTA, B/A Wilderness, RL High School, RLMLA, Rotary, Lions, Boys & Girls Club, Rewind, RLACF, Chamber, City of Red Lodge)
I’m trying to put together a park cleanup on the Saturday before Earth Day, which is April 20. I’m told that other groups may already be doing something but I am missing the details. 
Here’s the basic preliminary idea:
•Recruit volunteers from all of our organizations to cleanup various parks and trails around Red Lodge the morning of April 20;
•Invite all volunteers to come to YWS after they are done cleaning for refreshments;
•Find a sponsor/s to support the purchase of some sort of favor (like a reusable grocery bag) and refreshments (lemonade, treats);
• Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary (YWS) would also possibly have some sort of activity, like an Earth Day mural to color, for kids while the parents are enjoying the refreshments;

•Free admission to YWS that day for anyone who participates in the pick-up.
These are just some preliminary thoughts. I’m open to any/all suggestions. I know there are also lots of other groups that I haven’t included here so I’m hoping you’ll all pass this along to other folks who might want to join the fun.
So...let’s have a meeting (no more than 1 hour) on Thursday at 2 p.m. in the conference at the Community Foundation. This should be very easy to plan. We just need to know who’s interested. Please RSVP so I know who is coming. 
Hope to see you on Thursday...should be fun and a good easy event to put together. 
Call: Michelle ‘Ellie’ Marion: 406-446-1133; 406-426-0146.

Michelle ‘Ellie’ Marion
Red Lodge