City approves Interlocal Agreement

The Red Lodge City Council approved the Interlocal agreement with Carbon County for the administration of the Carbon County Cemetery earlier this week.

Prior to the vote Council officer Glory Mahan said there are still issues sur- rounding the creation of a Cemetery District but these wouldn’t be resolved until the Interlocal Agreement was approved.

Smith Olcott Funeral Director, Dan Gainer, spoke about having an election approved by the Commis- sioners on Dec. 29, 2016 set for the spring but State elections put this on hold.

“We are currently looking at a Oct. 1 deadline for proceeding with the election and this is one of the steps. This Interlocal Agreement was to be established after the election when the district was established but now it is being established before the district is established,” he said.

The County voiced some concerns about the area within the cemetery not under city ownership.

Gainer pointed out that the .864-acre plot, owned by a private individual, holds 128 occupants, some of whom had been there since 1895.

“Even if they are removed it still can’t be used for anything else,” said Gainer.

Under State law once land has been used for 5 years as a cemetery it can’t be used for anything else.

Gainer explained that the private landowner bought it in 1981 from someone who had owned the land for 50 years who in turn had bought it from a family who had donated the land to the origi- nal city cemetery.

“The city has had presumptive use for 120 years, and it is city property, just not on paper,” Gainer said.