City and State work on snow removal

With two feet of snow falling on Red Lodge Tuesday and surprising residents of Red Lodge the next morning, it was time again for the City of Red Lodge and Montana Department of Transportation (MDOT) to get back to the endless business of removing the white mounds that have appeared all over town. A total of 21 people are being employed in the project, five from the City and 16 from MDOT using 12 trucks. They started operations at 2 a.m. Thursday and plan to tackle more streets today and Friday.

As to the amount of snow being moved, Red Lodge Mayor Ed Williams said, "MDOT are reluctant to over load the trucks as the snow will fall off on the way up Highway 78 and of course the load issue must be considered not only on the highway but on Rodeo Drive."

As to the cost, Red Lodge Mayor Ed Williams said it makes minimal impact on the City’s budget as the City already employs the five people working on this and MDOT pay for the rest.