Cemetery District on the ballot

Tuesday, Oct. 10, saw the final prep- arations by both the Carbon County Commissioners and the City of Red Lodge to put the Cemetery District up for a special election this coming December. The mail in ballot covers Voting Precincts 8, 9, 10, 11.

The City Council voted to approve the Cemetery Land Purchase agreement Tuesday night. Prior to this the Commis- sioners had met with City representatives to determine whether the two con- ditions holding up the process would be approved. Red Lodge Mayor Mike Schoenike reported that both the legal description for the proposed district and a title res- olution had been reached between the Draper property and the City had been met.

Schoenike said a legal description had been prepared of the proposed dis- trict by Bill Karas of Red Lodge Surveying, Inc.

An agreement had been reached between the City and the Drapers to purchase the disputed parcel for $2,500.

“I’m satisfied,” said Commissioner Bill Bullock, noting “that there is a stip- ulation for this to go forward when the (City-Draper) Buy/Sell is recorded with the Clerk and Recorder’s office. It must be received before the mail out.”

According to Bullock, when the stip- ulation is met, and the Buy/Sell record- ed, then the ballots can go out for a vote in a special election separate from the general election.

For the costs of the district to be on the tax rolls next year the District determination must be completed by Jan. 1, 2018.

The ballots will be mailed out when the County Election administrator determines but must be returned by Dec. 12. Only those registered to vote in those districts will be mailed a ballot but those district property owners who reside outside Carbon County but in Montana can request a ballot.

If the district is approved an InterLocal agreement will then be signed between the City and County for the new District.