Card making for our troops

 Anyone who has served in the military understands the anticipation of mail call. Meanwhile, back home, friends, families, and sweethearts wait by the mailbox in hopes of some word from a loved one serving whoknows- where.

Recently, Mary Cameron and Diane Dimich were searching for a way to use their hobby to give back to the community when they came across a website Operation Write Home. This nonprofit group has supplied cards to deployed service members since 2007. This seemed like the perfect way to get the community involved in a worthwhile project while using their hobby for a great cause.

Beginning on Feb. 8, Red Lodge will have the opportunity to supply our troops with handmade cards. A group of Red Lodge crafters are going to supply the items needed for anyone who wants to come and had craft a greeting card to send overseas. The beautiful cards, in patriotic, holiday or seasonal themes, will be distributed to military personnel who will use them to keep in touch with their own folks back home. “Our plan is to have card kits available for people of all ages to come and make a card, no experience is necessary, we will have helpers available to assist anyone willing to come and give this craft a try, and support our troops,” said Dimich.

The organization has g r own s t eadi l y s inc e 2007,now supplying over half a million cards a year; nearly 8,000 boxes have been shipped to over 2,000 deployed units. Each box includes packet of “Any Hero letters” too-these are cards, letters and drawings from adults and children across the nation, filled with messages of gratitude and encouragement, and serve as much-needed morale boosts for those serving far from home.

The Community Card making event will take place Feb. 8, at the Red Lodge Carnegie Library from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. All ages are welcome and encouraged to come. If you have questions you can contact Diane Dimich 446-1103 for further information.