Buy Local!

To the Editor,

Research studies have demon- strated again and again that there is a prominent multiplier effect when we shop locally. They show that each dol- lar you spend at an independent busi- ness returns an average of three times more money to your community than spending at a chain retailer. When we eat and shop at locally- owned businesses, those dollars are re- spent in the community- employers pay local payrolls, goods and services are purchased from other area busi- nesses, and profits are spent locally by owners and employees. Food is an important part of this equation. Everybody has to eat, and we spend much of our income on this nourishment. During the month of August, Northern Plains Resource Council, sponsored in part by the Car- bon County Resource Council, is hold- ing the second annual Local Food Chal- lenge. You choose how you want to participate; whether it be growing a garden, doing more of your shopping at the farmer's market on Friday nights, or eating at restaurants that serve local food. By signing up, you get access to information on which restaurants and grocers in the state carry local food, where to source local ingredients, and why it all matters. All you have to do is eat something local every day. This August is the perfect oppor- tunity to give local food a try, or to challenge yourself further if you already have. As a local producer, I encourage everyone to go to MTlocal- to be part of this incredibly worthwhile movement. When we choose to eat local, we choose to create a stronger economy, a deeper community, and a brighter future.

Tom Tschida