Brilliant Man: Brilliant Choice

To the Editor,

The Trump agenda is one that, for the most part, follows the Republican agenda, supported by Greg Gianforte:

A favorable tax climate creates jobs and a healthy economy. Government is best when kept at the local level, hence federal regulations ought to be minimal i.e. no federal gun control.

There needs to be efficiency and economy in government, not more government. We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Rob Quist’s is the Democrat agenda which seeks bigger government (higher taxes, less individual freedom), gun control (despite his appearance in an add claiming he’ll protect gun rights), a limited religious freedom which means only the freedom government allows, not the freedom given by our Creator to live and act according to our religious conscience (hence people who support traditional marriage are punished by the government for their religious beliefs), and no control on abortion i.e. a child may be destroyed in the mother’s womb up until minutes before it is born, deftly eliminating the very life our constitution names as an unalienable right.

Quist supported Bernie Sanders, a socialist who has caused astute Democrats to leave the party; here we see where the progressive left’s agenda leads as supporters riot on college campuses, hiding behind black masks, breaking and burning innocent people’s property in an effort to eliminate free speech. Greg Gianforte is pro-life, pro religious freedom in its fullness, and has stood up to the lie that he wants to sell off public lands. He is a job creator (1,100 worldwide, 500 in Montana) who is unlikely to be bought off by special interests. He understands the function of government is to serve the people, not the people’s function is to serve the government. In this regard, he is brilliant.

Please get out and vote Thursday, May 25th for this freedom loving outdoorsman for US Congress!


Cynthia Marble

Red Lodge