BREAKING NEWS: Unofficial Primary Election Results

Photo by Kristan Apodaca

People went to the polls, Tuesday, at the Red Lodge Senior Center to vote in the Primary Elections. After the results, Mitzi Vorachek, candidate for State Rep District 58, said, "I look forward to an exciting and spirited campaign and to being the winning candidate in November.”

2014 Federal Primary Unofficial Results

U.S. Senate John Walsh (D) 424 Dirk Adams (D) 75 John Bohlinger (D) 169 Susan Cundiff (R) 132 Steve Daines (R) 1,382 Champ Edmunds (R) 121 Roger Roots (Libertarian)

U.S. Congress Elsie Arntzen (R)) 132 Matt Rosendale (R) 436 Corey Stapleton (R) 551 Drew Turiano (R) 27 Ryan Zinke (R) 502 John Driscoll (D) 212 John Lewis (D) 419 Mike Fellows (Libertarian)

State Senator District 29 Susan ‘Eli” Elliott (D) 595 David Howard (R) 591 Joanne Blyton (R) 1,026

State Rep District 58 Mitzi Vorachek (D) 625 Seth Berglee (R) 872 Julie Beuwen-Jones (R) 706

Supreme Court Justice #1 Jim Rice 1,300 W. David Herbert 568

Supreme Court Justice #2 Mike Wheat 1,049 Lawrence VanDyke 785