BREAKING NEWS: Priest charged with assault on daughter

Court documents filed at Carbon County District Court, Tuesday, show that Republican Senator Jason Priest has been accused of felony assault of a minor, grabbing his 4 year old daughter and throwing her on the ground. She sustained one-inch injury to her scalp. The papers were filed by Assistant Attorney General Mary E. Cochenour.

According to court documents a Red Lodge police officer was called to oversee a child pick up at Priest's home Feb. 1 after one of the children had called their mother Anna saying that Priest was swearing at her.

When  Annie Priest arrived at the home, Priest called her names stated the court documents. 

Also at the scene said court documents was Jon Trapp, Anne  Priest's boyfriend. Priest is to have allegedly run at Trapp and knocked him to the ground and continued to hit Trapp while he was lying in a fetal position. According to court documents Trapp suffered a broken rib .

The police officer said he struggled to get Priest away from Trapp as he was in a "blind rage."

All three children were seen crying at the scene. 

Anne Priest stated that while talking to Priest, he'd picked up the youngest child "like a sack of potatoes" and threw her eight feet, landing on her head. Anne Priest also said he grabbed her arm.

Court documents show that Priest claims he grabbed Anne Priest's shoulder and asked her to go.

Priest (SD 29) has pled not guilty to charges of Partner Family Member (PFM) assault and resisting arrest when he appeared before Red Lodge City Judge Steve Muth via video link from the Yellowstone County Detention Centre, Feb. 3.

City attorney Hope Freeman was present at District Court and had made a preliminary motion to amend one of the assault charges concerning a second victim. Judge Muth agreed, restricting the PFM charge to "force on his wife."

Bond was set at $1,500 under the following conditions; no firearms, no contact with his family, or the witness, Jon Trapp.