BREAKING NEWS: Kayaker's body found on Rock Creek

(Right, front) Jon Trapp, assistant fire chief,

directs part of the rescue team at Westminster Spires.

In the distance is the red kayak the missing man

was using.

The body of a  kayaker, missing since 2 p.m. yesterday was recovered on Rock Creek at 7:15 a.m. , July 11, 3/4 mile  from Westminster Spires. The male, Thomas Bajo, was discovered by three kayakers helping authorities with the search.

Bajo, 67, from Scott's Dale, Arizona, was kayaking with friends on Rock Creek and had set off near Lion's Camp, south of Red Lodge. 

According to Carbon County Sheriff Josh McQuillan, two individuals put in their kayaks at Lion's Camp intending to travel down to Rock Creek. Soon after, this individual hit a rock, rolled over and became separated from his kayak. At this point his friend who was also kayaking was trying to get him to shore and pulled him on to his kayak.

This continued for a few minutes but at some point they became separated and the friend lost sight off Bajo stated McQuillian. A third individual was on the bridge at Westminster Spires and witnessed the kayak and the body floating down stream. They were unable to get him out of the water and they went to Rock Creek Resort and placed a 911 call.  

Bajo was found caught in a root ball in the middle of the creek said Tom Kuntz, Red Lodge Fire Chief. 

The group had done the same trip a few days before.

Bajo would have turned 68 on Wednesday. 

The search began at 2:15 p.m. Monday and continued until 10 p.m. Bajo was found at 7:15 a.m. Tuesday, and fully retrieved at approximately 9 a.m.

Red Lodge EMT, SARs, Carbon County Sheriff and Red Lodge City Police were involved in the search.