Blyton switches gear to run against Priest for SD #29 seat

Photo courtesy of Congresswoman Joanne Blyton (R)

Congresswoman Joanne Blyton, (Rep) is stepping down from the House to seek a place in the Senate this coming November by running against Jason Priest (Rep) for his SD#29 seat. Blyton is presently the incumbent for HD #59. SD #29 incorporates Carbon County, Stillwater County and a small portion of Sweet Grass County close to Big Timber. Priest has confirmed he will be running but as yet to file. Rep. David Howard, HD #60, of Park City, is also planning to run for Priest’s seat. Seth Berglee has filed to run for Blyton’s vacant seat, which is now the new district HD 58 which covers all of Carbon County. Blyton, Joliet, gave as her reasoning the Senate is “divided three ways” and “our area” was lacking support in the Senate. “In order to serve the people, you must be present, willing to have the conversation, see the big picture without blinders and keep in mind that we are there to serve “YOU” the constituents. Also we must remember that there are a vast number of issues,” said Blyton. Blyton’s five core values remain the same as the first time she campaigned, these being - a balanced budget is a must; reducing the size and scope of government; transparency in government; eliminating wasteful spending; we need to focus on good paying jobs and our natural resource development, and we need to protect our mainstay industry – Agriculture. “The “5 E’s” of success to make Montana extraordinary are: Economy - working to empower Montana families, small businesses and entrepreneurs by revising tax policies, eliminating unnecessary regulations, reducing frivolous litigation. When we create high paying jobs and open individual opportunity, Montana will return to its former greatness,” she said. “Energy – Montana may assume a leadership role in our nation’s quest for energy independence. We can free ourselves of the shackles of foreign instability and greed. Our natural resource potential (coal, oil, natural gas, timber, wind, agriculture and precious metals) will be our engine to good paying jobs,” she added. “Education,” said Blyton, “Our students must remain competitive. Our youth must be provided with a world class competitive educational opportunity, be it public or private. Control of our educational system should be returned to parents, students, teachers, administrators, and local board trustee.” The final two cores are efficiency and the environment. “Efficiency -The proper role of the government is to serve the people; not require servitude from the people. Government should be expected to prioritize spending and its performance must be measured in terms of efficiency and effectiveness,” she said. “And Environment – The “stop doing that” attitude has got to go. We need the “can do” attitude. Resource development must be embraced while maintaining a strict standard of environmental stewardship. Montana’s pristine landscape must be maintained for all to enjoy.” Blyton can be reached at 406-962-3767; or by e-mail