The best for Red Lodge

To the Editor,

I have known Ed for over 40 years, seventeen of which he managed various businesses where I was an investor in the business. For several years Ed was the Chief Financial Officer of a public company in Melbourne, Florida that did classified work for the Department of Defense.  In that position he managed numerous employees as well as negotiating complex business transactions.  His performance in executing those responsibilities and dealing with complex financial issues was exceptional.

Prior to his work in the public company, he was the President and Chief Executive Officer of a bank.  It was a community bank that had numerous branches throughout the County and a large staff; Ed demonstrated excellent management skills and business judgments and by utilizing the bank staff effectively, the bank experienced rapid growth and was very profitable for it's stockholders. Ed has always conducted himself with honestly and integrity utilizing his skills to manage people so that they are motivated to accomplish the objectives of the enterprise.  Ed has always conducted his business relationships in a commendable manner. Based on over 40 years of experience with Ed and as a property owner in Red Lodge, I am confident he will utilize his management skills to maximize what can be accomplished with the limited resources that are available to our City.  I was born, raised, educated and practiced law in Montana and would ask you to favorably consider voting for Ed Williams as Mayor in the upcoming election.


Howard Hebert

Red Lodge