Apologize for any confusion

To the Editor,

In a recent Letter to the Editor in the Carbon County News, a statement was made that individuals who filed a Living Will with the former Beartooth Hospital and Health Center (now Beartooth Billings Clinic) have not had their Living Wills transferred over to Beartooth Billings Clinic. 

Due to miscommunication, this is incorrect and we apologize for any confusion we may have caused.  In 2010, Beartooth Hospital and Health Center and Billings Clinic Red Lodge moved to the new Beartooth Billings Clinic integrated medical campus.  As part of that transition, all patient medical records were transferred to the new facility, with the exception of former Billings Clinic Red Lodge inactive patients--those not seen within three years.  These records remain on file with Billings Clinic (located in Billings), which patients have access to from the Billings Clinic Medical Records Department. Beartooth Billings Clinic functions in a hybrid medical record environment. This means that patient medical records are maintained in both an electronic and paper format.  

Beartooth Billings Clinic patients who have a Living Will on file can rest assured that it is either residing in their paper chart or within the electronic medical record.  All paper records are currently being scanned into the electronic medical records as time and staffing allows.   For inquiries regarding medical records from the former Beartooth Hospital and Health Center, the former Red Lodge Clinic, or Beartooth Billings Clinic, please contact the medical records staff at Beartooth Billings Clinic at 446-2345. We strive to do everything we can to help patient’s find what they are looking for.   Sincerely, Kelley Evans,

CEO Beartooth Billings Clinic