To the Editor,

The Red Lodge City Council will meet Tuesday, Oct. 10, to introduce what is commonly known as the "Non Discrimination Resolution."

The proposed "Non Discrimination Resolution" is not. It is an anti-freedom of religious conscience resolution. Its name should be changed to reflect what it actually means.

This is not an anti-discrimination document. It is in fact a document that discriminates against people of religious con- science and against Romans 1 of Christian's Holy Scrip- ture. The resolution insults many Red Lodge constituents as well as many visitors.

Please, if science and research are of any value to the reader, I invite you to attend the Big Sky Worldview Forum in Billings this weekend, October 13 and 14. The expert is Glenn Stanton, "Tales from the Front Line of the Gender Debate," author of LOVING MY LGBT NEIGHBOR. Contact Dick Pence for more information, 672-9207, or go to http:// God loves you (John 3:16),

Pat Plowman Boyd

P.S. George Washington, "it is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible."