‘Beauty from Bullets’ event raises $17,600

Photo by Alastair Baker

From ‘Bullets to Beauty’, some of the bullet

casings have been transformed into delicate

pieces of jewelry.

If ever there were a more appropriate time for the John Lennon song, ‘Give Peace A Chance’ it would have been at the My Fight fundraiser ‘Bullets for Beauty’ held at St. Agnes Catholic Church, Red Lodge, last week. The event, attended by over a 100 people, raised an impressive $17,600 towards helping emancipate and empower African women and their children from a life of slavery, prostitution, HIV, and neglect.

My Fight President Jesse Murphy said, “It was tremendously successful, and I’m so pleased with it, so honored by the generosity of all involved.”

My Fight uses the money raised at such events to create micro finance loans to help women finance a business. The loans are usually $200 to $400, and once the women pay it off, that money is taken and moved around to help other women.

Murphy added these women are in “extreme poverty.”

“We’re not talking a two parent home, we’re talking about a women raising kids, or is pregnant, probably raped, a husband who has died or has left to find work. We’re not interested in sponsoring poverty, we want to end it, and so we invest. In one year when someone gives $25 a month that can fund an entire business,” said Murphy. “We don’t need to send food or clothing as mom can now bring her family out of poverty.”

Heather Rieland, volunteer, “We’re empowering women to start a business and improve their life. These women brain stormed and ended up collecting bullet casings where they lived to melt them down to make jewelry, using the casings and nickel plating it, or copper plating it.”

“We need to break the glass ceiling of poverty and create a climate where the women are always needed,” said Rieland.

The women even get a uniform which distinguishes them from other women in the their village and hopefully encourages others to follow suit.

“They walk through the village carrying so much respect and are proud,” added Rieland.

Go to www.myfight. org/bullets-to-beauty for more information and how to help.