07/02/2015 - 9:10am
"The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple." Oscar Wilde Recently, early, when few were up and no businesses open, a person and/or persons committed an act of vandalism, removing from public display property – flags whose symbolism he/she/they found culturally (which is to say personally) offensive – that did not belong to them. This happened in South...
Thu, 06/25/2015 - 10:26am
If you are reading your Carbon County News on Thursday afternoon, June 25, the New Horizons spacecraft is thirteen million miles from Pluto, closing at eight and a quarter miles per second for a close flyby on July 14, and it takes 8 hours 48 minutes to send it a message and get an answer back. All
Thu, 06/25/2015 - 10:23am
The recent Facebook arguments over what nationality the street flags should be for the 4th of July celebrations in Red Lodge have hit a raw nerve in a town known, apparently, for its ethnic diversity. Being of Welsh descent I was fairly disturbed by the comments made that no other flag should be